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The Great Green Grasshopper (that Flew!!!)

If you’ve taken a look at MyLassoOfTruth, it’s pretty easy to understand the remarkable impact these various BIRD Spirit Guides have had on my life and on my Path of Positivity. Yesterday was no exception, lol … in my Backyard Sanctuary, I was inspired by infinite possibilities as GOLDFINCH frolicked and played, I was brought happiness by brilliant BLUEBIRDS, my favorite HOUSE FINCH & SPARROW duo sang their joyful songs, striking red CARDINALS reminded me to make myself a priority, and my newest BIRD Spirit Guide, a beautiful HUMMINGBIRD, made an appearance.

Since not every occurrence in nature is a “meaningful coincidence”, you may ask yourself “how does an animal that I happen to cross paths with in “nature” become a Spirit Guide?”. The answer is a simple one — it depends on the circumstances that surround the encounter and how you are affected by the encounter without trying to “make” it have some significant meaning. When I saw the hummingbird on the first day, I thought “Oh wow!! I finally get to see a hummingbird again this year!! YAY!” and took it as good luck, being in “the right place at the right time”.  Now I must confess, I find the delicate hummingbird to be a magical little creature that fills me with wonder every time I happen to see one but, as much as I love hummingbirds, they’ve never presented to me in any way other than simply as just “nature”. The next day, however, I was outside on the phone, speaking about my father (which is an unpleasant topic for me), and the hummingbird flew right up to the front of my gazebo, hovered there long enough for me to see it, and then flew off. At that moment, I felt the significance of the encounter and understood that this hummingbird was giving me a message. I immediately looked up the symbolism and the HUMMINGBIRD became my newest BIRD Spirit Guide. The abbreviated version is as follows: “The HUMMINGBIRD spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors” (for the full symbolic meaning, please see My Bird Spirit Guides page). Relative to the topic of my phone conversation, the resounding message from the HUMMINGBIRD, in that particular moment, was to “lift up” or rise above the negativity from my painful past as it continues to try to creep back into my life and lead me astray from my Path of Positivity as well as trying to prevent me from enjoying the little things in my daily life. Message received and very much appreciated, my little HUMMINGBIRD friend!

The next day, in addition to being surrounded by all of my favorite “PEEPS”, that I see with some regularity, I was also visited by my beautiful, little HUMMINGBIRD for a third day in a row. Not long after that, the TURKEY VULTURE made an appearance as it soared in the distance and reminded me that it was there to purify my life and restore harmony by devouring the negativity. After receiving all this wonderful, positive energy from my BIRD Spirit Guides, I decided it was time to go in the house, lol … then something REALLY AMAZING happened!

As I walked into the kitchen, perched upon my curtains, was the largest, most brilliant green grasshopper that I have, literally, ever seen in my life! I was stunned at first, as I marveled at the size of this grasshopper, and wondered how in the world it had gotten into my house and up on the curtains. I vaguely remembered the old wives’ tale about grasshoppers being good luck in a home and I thought about the load of bad luck that would befall me if my fur daughter, Sophi, got ahold of this massive grasshopper. I immediately sprang into action and put on some latex gloves to try to scoop it into my hands to put it outside. Now, as anyone who knows me can attest to, I am very squeamish about bugs, in general, and would die at the thought of a huge bug like this actually touching me! Alas, just like with my baby bird, I felt responsible for the safety and well being of this gigantic, gorgeous grasshopper. My first attempt failed epically … I tried to scoop and it tried to move so I screamed, jumped back, and had to rethink my strategy, lol. To buy myself some time, I decided to look up the actual symbolism of grasshoppers and to confirm that it wasn’t going to bite or sting me as I tried to “rescue” it. The first website, I came across, was a wonderful page at that spoke about the grasshopper’s message. I saw, in one of the posted pictures, that her grasshopper was perched on top of an item beside the word “life”. I immediately noticed that my particular grasshopper was sitting directly above the “LOVE” sign on my kitchen table as well as my “ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS” book that I’ve been filling with photos which inspire me to do just that. After reading her interpretation of the GRASSHOPPER’S message and, more importantly, her confirmation that she’d scooped her grasshopper up with no harm, I consulted my other sources for GRASSHOPPER symbolism. The overall message was that the GRASSHOPPER Spirit Guide “appears to us when we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Since grasshoppers can only jump forward, it may appear to reaffirm to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation and to continue moving forward by getting past what is hindering you”. WOW! I am always left in a profound state of awe when these wonderful Animal Spirit Guides bring me their deeply meaningful messages at exactly the right time and place in my life to keep me moving forward on My Path of Positivity! Thank you GRASSHOPPER … your message was also received loud and clear!

Now, with my newfound knowledge and deep appreciation for this magical GRASSHOPPER , I set about moving it to safety. I got a large plastic cup and used my bare hands to prompt it to move forward into the cup so I could get it outside. I gently prodded and it leapt onto the side of the cup so I was able to turn it upright and, without incident, walk out onto my back deck. The GRASSHOPPER calmly sat, perched on the side of the cup, and as it turned itself around to be able to jump, I set the cup on the deck and gently prodded one last time. Then, something else AMAZING happened … it FLEW!!!! Of course it did, lol!! MY Animal Spirit Guides ALWAYS FLY!! I watched, with amazement, as my lovely, green GRASSHOPPER took flight and landed on the deck railing and then took flight again to land on my second story window. As I went back into the house, with a sense of childlike wonder and my heart filled with joy, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these magical moments bestowed upon me by the Universe and ready to put into writing the story of MY GREAT GREEN GRASSHOPPER THAT FLEW!!!!


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