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My Little Baby Bird

As my first post for MY PATH OF POSITIVITY, I wanted to share the miraculous story of my little baby bird that could. I have been responsible for a nest of baby robins that were born in my back yard blue spruce tree. This particular tree is the relaxation spot for my fur daughter Sophi as she watches over her domain.  Since Sophi is most definitely not a fan of birds being in her place, she has been driven crazy by these little babies and their mama and daddy hanging around all the time trying to feed them. Since these robin eggs were laid before I could prevent it, I felt a certain obligation to protect them so they could successfully leave the nest.There were actually 3 eggs in the nest even though I could only see the 2 and I watched over these babies when they finally hatched. I watched every day to make sure they were doing well and as one thrived and a second one was not far behind in it's development, the third one seemed to be struggling. With it's little pitiful eyes only half open, this baby was the obvious runt of the nest and I was concerned it might not make it. I began giving it pep talks so that it would live and, even though it was pretty puny, I kept telling it to hang in there. When the big day came for these babies to leave the nest, I was there when one successfully flew out and then a second one dropped out of the tree and took off. I had to leave the house so I checked on the small one still in the nest to make sure it was okay and it was miraculously perched ready to fly too. I had one last pep talk and when I checked on it after i got home, it was out of the nest and hopping around the yard. My happiness in watching it trying to fly was short lived though when it got trapped in some mesh fencing in the yard. It was flapping it's little wings trying to get out and I was afraid it was going to hurt itself so I ran in the house to grab some gloves to try to help it get out. By the time I got back out to it, this baby was hanging upside down like a bat with only it's little claws holding it to the mesh. If I was a second later, I fear this little bird might have fallen to the ground, head first, and seriously harmed itself. Without a moment's hesitation, I scooped my baby bird up and got it untangled from the mesh. This was one of the most surreal moments of my life as this little baby bird calmly sat in my hand, as docile as any trained bird, and just looked around and gazed at me.  Now, what a lot of people don't know is that birds absolutely hate me, always have! I'm also terrified of being close enough for a bird to flap at me, claw me, or get caught in my hair like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", lol, because birds have always puffed up and become agitated when I get around them. This was literally a magical moment as this little baby bird trusted me so much. I eventually put it on the ground and it hopped through the mesh and was trying to fly. So sweet! This little baby bird had a LOT of personality and very much reminded me of my little fur baby, Sophi, in bird form. I'm still blown away by this experience and honored to have had this connection with my little baby bird that could!

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