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My Bird Spirit Guide Meaning

This page is meant to be my own quick reference for the Spirit Guides, that have literally flown into my life with powerful messages, at exactly the right time, and continue to do so, in BIRD form.

These “meaningful coincidences” in various bird forms began about two and a half years ago. On January 2, 2016 (1-2-16), I experienced one of the most surreal events of my life – a FALCON presented to me and triggered an “Awakening” that has led to my ongoing “Evolution of Enlightenment”. Once the FALCON continued to regularly fly into my life, it became quite obvious that this FALCON, MY FALCON, was my own personal Animal Totem and Spirit Guide. After that, the flood gates opened, lol, and exotic, mystical bird activity became a magical, daily part of my life. As these Spirit Guides, in BIRD form, presented to me and continue to do so, the symbolism for each one always brings a very powerful message, with words of encouragement, at the exact moments that I need it.

The information is from many different, very wise sources on the internet  -- which I have noted and also provided links to their website pages. The condensed information, that I have listed for each BIRD Spirit Guide, reflects the things that resonate with me personally and are the personal messages that I feel are being communicated to me.

My FALCON Spirit Guide

Today something very special will happen. Embrace it with gratitude! -Falcon
  • WHEN FALCON COMES FLYING INTO YOUR LIFE -- You are being asked to be vigilant. An opportunity for big positive changes in your life is close at hand and it will require good planning and strategy as well as action on your part. You are reminded that you have all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity and that your success depends on your quick reactions. Stay focused and grateful for all that is coming your way. Know that you have the ability to soar high and see things with greater vision!
  • WHEN FALCON IS YOUR ANIMAL TOTEM -- You have a sharp mind and are very agile. You know how to mentally work out problems and are always three steps ahead of your peers and workmates. You have the patience to wait in order to get the most out of any opportunity that comes your way. You have impeccable timing and know exactly when to strike for the greatest benefit to yourself.
  • The falcon animal totem comes to us when we require higher vision, or higher knowledge in solving current dilemmas in our lives. The falcon is a solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation.
  • At its core, the falcon animal totem represents visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship. This powerful bird awakens visionary power, and leads you to your life purpose. The falcon carries with it a message of transition and change – perhaps in your vocation, work, career, etc.
  • Falcon animal totems encourage us to calculate and strategise. If we have a goal, falcons beckon us to make plans and strategies to obtain these goals. Falcons are all about focus – strong, one-pointed focus. When they show themselves to us, we are being called to focus on our desires and our goals, and do what is necessary to bring our desires into our reality.
  • If there is something in your life that you are highly passionate about, and the Falcon is asking you to take action on this passion. But be smart about it – don’t jump into something without doing research and planning. Make your passion a reality by pursuing it methodically and as strategically as the Falcon would pursue it's hunt.
  • Animals are always willing to provide us with profound messages – it is up to us to listen, and allow their messages to come through. Hope you found this Falcon Animal Totem page meaningful to your Path.



  •  If you are going through a dark time, BLUEBIRD reminds us that things will be BRIGHTER, just HOLD ON & get through this day
  • Comes to SPREAD JOY so you take the time to REMIND YOURSELF of things that make you HAPPY
  • Beckons the day be FILLED with SIMPLE PLEASURES, and sings the song that HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE, it is the gift you give to yourself.
  • Get prepared for the ‘sweetness’ of life. And stop saying things that do not resonate with the good that is coming to you. Your good does not recognize that vibration and sometimes get lost, along the way, even though it will always belong to you. Attract what’s yours, completely to you. If you choose it, it belongs to you. -Quornesha S.


  • Make a stand for what you believe in and do what feels right in spite of any judgment or disapproval from others
  • Teaching you how how to become comfortable in uncertain situations and to be watchful of opportunities to arise so that you can quickly grasp them and move on.
  • You are being called upon to find courage and to follow your true path
  • It's a matter of perspective, if one way doesn't work then another will!


  • Teaches lessons of ADAPTATION to ANY situations and learning quickly
  • Gives access to MEMORIES long forgotten and shows how to assimilate them into AWARENESS
  • Has knack for investigating, adapting, and learning NEW IDEAS and CONCEPTS
  • The ENERGY centers of the HEAD may become ACTIVATED due to the INCREASE of spiritual KNOWLEDGE
  • BLUE JAY'S creative intelligence uncovers SACRED INTERCONNECTIONS with ALL things as MENTAL GROWTH aids SPIRITUAL GROWTH
  • Finding your way doesn’t appear overnight, but knowing you are lost, and where you stand while you are lost is what truly awakens you. – Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer


  • Be more clear as to what your intentions are. Setting a clear and insightful goal for yourself will accomplish everything you are asking for and more. Focus and set your intentions clearly in order to expedite matters.
  • Be sure of what you are creating with your thoughts. Is this really what you want? Make sure that you are aware of exactly what you are manifesting and then make any corrections that are necessary.
  • Is letting you know that you should be your own first priority. Taking good care of yourself first will make it much easier for you to help others.
  • Is letting you know that now is the time to start those new projects you’ve been contemplating. 
  • Try to stay calm throughout these sudden or rapid changes, call to us as we are always here for you. Psychic Medium Quornesha


  • If a CROW flies into your life, it is a sign of change. All that you have been working for and toward is now coming to fruition.
  • CROW is giving you clear messages and guidance as to what your next steps are. Pay attention to your thoughts, and to the omens around you. The messages are clearer now than they have ever been.
  • Could also be letting you know that perhaps you are spreading yourself a little bit thin. It’s time to step back – re assess where you are at and take stock of your own dreams and aspirations. Being clear about our own desires is key in manifesting our intentions.
  • If a CROW appears at a certain moment in your life, it can mean that you are going through a period of personal transformation and that it is time to discover your own personality much better.
  • If a CROW appears in your life, it reminds you that magic is all around you.
  • The CROW is often a symbol of something new that may happen in your life. It means that the old should pass away in your life and there are many changes that may be made in the future. This is all about positive changes that may happen in your life.
  • If you hear are CROW cawing, you should listen to the bird carefully and receive all the messages it is giving to you. You should be ready for a new phase in your life. The CROW will bring you to your life path that will give you prosperity and happiness.


  • When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight.
  • The eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures. Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is a connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. The eagle brings the message of renewed life because it is associated with the east winds - the direction of spring, dawn and rebirth.
  • If an individual has been going through a hard time, eagle not only signals a new beginning, but provides that person with the stamina and resilience to endure the difficulties. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truthful principles. Summon the eagle when you are about to embark on a challenge, a massive life change or a creative endeavor.
  • When Eagle appears to you it means that you are being put on notice. Eagle totems appear to inspire (push) you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. They tell you to be courageous and really stretch your limits and see what you can do. They bring a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow. To dream of a flying eagle or one who is perched high signifies good fortune or victory coming your way. If it scares you, it means there are some self-imposed limitations you need to push through.
  • The lesson of the eagle is to take a look from where it sees. You must have the courage to relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs to soar into unknown realms and new realities - continually expanding your view. Now is the time to take full responsibility for your life and be prepared for instant destiny. As your spiritual awareness increases, the positive and negative ramifications will become more immediate and have greater force.
  • Ask for eagle help when:
    • The details of day-to-day living have you feeling weighed down and you have lost sight of the larger perspective.
    • You are faced with a number of tough choices regarding work, relationships or life transitions.
    • You're not sure how to integrate recent spiritual insights and revelations into your day-to-day life.
    • You feel you are expending way too much energy to get the job done.


  • As a dark and mysterious creature, blackbirds are associated with lunar symbolism. They have nocturnal awareness and the ability to use all of their senses, a practice that we would do well to master.
  • Like other dark animals, blackbirds as animal totems exude mystery and seriousness, keeping their secrets safe and eliciting marvel. They demand our devotion and commitment first before they even consider opening up to us. For us, this is a lesson to not give ourselves away too easily. We must protect ourselves to a certain degree.
  • The flight of a blackbird is symbolic of with the quest for higher knowledge, a valiant journey that always leaves us better off than when we started. As they coast through the sky, the blackbirds symbolize a great deal that we on Earth strive for, such as higher intelligence, thoughts, and ideals. They are reminders to constantly try to improve ourselves and gain a better understanding of the world around us.
  • The blackbird spirit guide does not make its presence known to the simple minded person. Rather, they only present themselves to those who they are sure can understand their teachings and apply them to their own lives. This bird does not provide you with any groundbreaking or revolutionary ideas and thoughts. Instead, it comes to you when you have been doubting yourself and assures you that you have the answers to your own questions. All you have to do is look inside yourself, because what you seek is already brewing there.
  • When the blackbird animal totem comes flying into your life, it’s letting you know that big changes are coming into your life right now. Although these changes have been in the works for a while, they are only now ready to burst forth and become your reality.
  • Blackbirds are the perfect spiritual  totem for individuals who have highly developed awareness and connection to their perceptions. You are in possession of psychic abilities that you use to awaken gifts, such as intelligence and creativity, in those around you.  For some reason, you have been neglecting to utilize your full potential lately, and the blackbird totem is trying to get you back in gear. Search within yourself and get back on track.





  • Represents infinite possibilities.
  • Brings to the fore the need for timing and precision when making big decisions, as well as having vision for the future.
  • Teach about the importance of your individuality and how this can make you succeed wherever you may go in this world.
  • Symbolizes the importance of positivity and optimism, and the value of happiness, joy, and simplicity in your life.
  • Points to the need for variety and diversity. Adding more color to your life and changing your routines keep every day interesting and inspiring.
  • You don’t need to live your life doing only what’s safe and comfortable. You can go out in to the world and try new things, see new places, interact with new people, because all these excite your senses.
  • Symbolism teaches you to enjoy the journey and everything that goes with it. It symbolizes flight, so be more adventurous and courageous about your dreams, no matter how high or unachievable they may seem.
  • When the goldfinch spirit animal appears to you, it tells you that there is good fortune headed your way. There will be fun and exciting times ahead, so you should learn to loosen up and enjoy.
  • Having the meaning of the goldfinch in your life will fill your heart with lightness. You will experience happiness that will set you on a new path of creativity and imagination.



  • Symbolic message for you to take back that which is yours. Reclaim your power.
  • Stick with what you foresee, what your inner self (intuition) tells you. Listen to those inner messages, your own instincts and intuition.
  • Symbolic for illumination, The Bolt of lightning, sudden changes, rapid pace, rapid movements. One standing in her true power and identity.
  • Represents a form of power and taking back control.
  • Time to live freely to live your best life. Not how you were orchestrated or scripted to be.
  • For all the excellent information about the GRACKLE, many thanks to the wise  Quornesha S. Lemon


  • When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear.
  • Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. he could be telling you to trust yours.
  • In Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore (specifically the Iroquois nation) grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news. Indeed, when this creature is seen on spirit walks, it is a sign that the seer will receive profoundly joyful news that will benefit the entire community.
  • The grasshopper moves to its own rhythm and tune, indicating this creature is a advocate of intuition and listening to our inner voices.
  • The magical aspect of grasshopper symbolism is to fly and make magnificent jumps, which imparts the meaning of total and complete freedom, and significant leaps into new experiences. This is when you begin to understand the creative forces of the Universe and the true powers of creative manifestation.


  • If a Hawk totem has flown into your life, you must pay attention because you are about to receive a message from Spirit. Thus, you will need to take the time to interpret and integrate this message into your daily life. In order to help you interpret your Hawk meaning, you must take into consideration that this bird holds the key to a higher consciousness. Therefore, it will try to bring these things into your circle of awareness and consciousness. When this bird of prey is present, know that enlightenment is imminent.
  • This bird of prey often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.
  • Many of the messages this bird brings to you are about freeing yourself from thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gaining a greater perspective. In the long run, it is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.



  • Any life lessons you may have recently experienced are for your highest and greatest good. You are encouraged that even though things or situations are intense you will be content and at peace once again.
  • The spirit realm and world are always understanding of the human existence and experience, it is aware of what it takes to be in your shoes. You are in your soul mission and the Universe would like to remind you of this at this time.
  • You are in the right space and time in your life right now. Although things seem displaced, you are reminded that you are working passionately and from the vibrations of your highest thought form. You do not need to worry about your future or where you are at present. The sun is beginning to shine for you once again, after tests and trials.
  • If there are any goals you need to be met at this time. you are being asked to take time out and write out what is required at this time.
  • Know that you will begin to heal from any spiritual illnesses you may feel at this time. Things are beginning to run their course in your life, which indicates endings and conclusions. You are being appreciated at this time, and you are to accept this commendation. You are reminded that the angels have not abandoned you to any degree, although it may feel or seem that you are walking alone.
  • You will begin to focus your energy & time on what is more accurate. Notice the heightened level of your intuition or messages being presented to you at this time. You have no reason to fear or doubt your path.
  • Be prepared for new futures to unfold for you at this time. Pay attention to dreams, visions or plans that come about ‘out of the blue’. Be patient with yourself. Be attentive to inner intuition.
  • When you become overwhelmed with your work, it is a message to regenerate your energy. Take time out to care for your energy and your mind.
  • For all the excellent information about the HOUSE FINCH, up to this point, many thanks to the wise  Quornesha S. Lemon Sacred Spirit Shaman™
  • Celebrate the little things, sing your own songs, take joy from your accomplishments and who you have become as a person. The little house finch reminds us that life is for the living, so live it. We can never get back the time that we wasted on negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred, or anger. To be happier, try to find joy every day.


  • The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors. This fascinating bird is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size, such as traveling great distances or being able to fly backwards.
  • The spirit of the hummingbird is a powerful means to lighten up your mood when you feel down. This power animal is a useful ally to lift you up and instill more joy and playfulness in your daily grind. When facing challenges or an environment plagued by negativity, call on the hummingbird to help you bring a positive outlook on the situation and find your way out with optimism.
  • Know that it is time for you to aggressively pursue your dreams and make them a reality. Joy is just around the corner – you simply have to believe that your dreams are possible to manifest now. Stop waiting and go for it!
  • The hummingbird also possesses an unusual hovering pattern, and is able to move its wings in a figure of eight pattern, a symbol for infinity. This holds a message for us – often we find ourselves stuck in time, regretting or longing for the past, or hoping that the future will bring better things, building castles in the sky. We are shown how to view the past and then let go, rather than be continuously caught up in it, we learn how to appreciate that the past creates our future, and that even at the time some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. We need the past to create the future, but mustn’t dwell in it, yet we may reflect on it but not in a bitter cant-let-go manner. If we become the observer of our lives by moving back a step, our lives will be viewed differently.  Hummingbird teaches us to go beyond time and to see that what happened in the past and what may happen in the future is not nearly as important as what is occurring now. Remember to hover in the moment, and to appreciate its sweetness. Drink deeply of the nectar of life.
  •  It is said that the hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer. The vibrating hum of this birds wings and their lightness seem to symbolize the subtle energetic healing which essences can provide. Their physical lightness is a powerful reminder for us to lighten up. When weighed down with worries, our spirits cannot soar.



  • A message to take your time. Pace yourself. It is a reminder that you don’t have to get all you need done at once. To allow things to flow naturally, as opposed to doing things to please or impress others. They are reminders for us to just breathe, exhale, take a load off. Just relax.
  • All things are working together right now, for your highest & greatest good. A reminder that, anything we’ve felt the need to fret about will soon come to an end. As we will embrace the new phase. You will experience wondrous times ahead. Speak your future into existence.
  • The Spirits request that you not worry. As things ‘travel’ in their rightful place and time. You are being looked after and watched over. You are therefore protected from all danger and harm.
  • Symbolizes a forthcoming period of endings and newer beginnings. You will feel lighter and uplifted as you come into, earn or receive the resources necessary to bless you right now or in the future. Opening your mind and heart for your blessings makes the difference. If it is within reason, speak it into existence.
  • The Mockingbird represents the inability for anyone to kill your spirit. You still Have great power and joy within you and have so much work to accomplish in this world. You will, therefore, be presented with the platforms, resources, and opportunities in order to do your work in the world. Have no fear!
  • For all the excellent information about the MOCKINGBIRD, many thanks to the wise  Quornesha S. Lemon Sacred Spirit Shaman™


  • The dove spirit animal symbolizes hope and salvation. It brings forth a calming presence in times of pain, strife, and difficulties. It signifies love and peace, and it serves as a messenger or a liaison between your thoughts and your reality. The dove meaning resonates with the balance between sky and earth, and thought and matter.
  • The dove spirit animal funnels greater and higher knowledge down to the human consciousness, and links intangible thoughts and dreams to the physical aspects of your existence. With the presence of the dove in your life, you are made deeply aware of your environment and your sense of presence.  The meaning of the dove connects you to Mother Earth. It represents a peace of the deepest and purest kind. It soothes and stills your troubled and worried minds. Even during the most difficult or challenging times, you know that there will always be peace if you seek and find it.
  • The dove meaning reassures you love and grace will always be in your life. There will always be that promise of something beautiful and meaningful.
  • The dove spirit animal is associated with transitional periods. It will usually appear to you if you need a break from your stressful and hectic life.  The dove meaning is amplified when you are craving for peace and quiet, or stillness and clarity.
  • When the dove totem appears, it’s a sign for you to make that new beginning and look forward to a fresh new start.
  • When the dove spirit animal appears to you, it is to remind you to spread your wings and allow yourself to reach higher heights. The sky’s the limit! Nothing will change if you will just sit and wait for things to happen. You must let go of all your inhibitions and fears, and let the wind carry you to new directions. Get moving, and be ready to experience new things. Take a break, and let go of the things that are keeping you from finding your peace and quiet.
  • Call on your Dove Spirit Animal when:
    * You need to let go of ill thoughts, like revenge or hate. The dove meaning is to fill your life with positivity, and what better way to do it than to follow the teachings of the dove? Release the negativity and let the positivity do its work.
    * You want to build a happy home and fill it with love and joy. Everybody dreams of having a happy home and growing old with a loving family. If you feel like this desire is getting farther and farther away from you, just remember the dove symbolism!
    * You need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and shut out the noise. Life can get crazy and noisy no matter how hard you try to contain it. Seeking solace need not be difficult because you just need to spend a few minutes each day to listen to yourself breathe!If the dove totem makes its way into your life, look to yourself and release anything that causes emotional disharmony. Banish any thought or emotion that does not contribute to your dreams of having a peaceful and joyful life!
  • If the dove totem makes its way into your life, look to yourself and release anything that causes emotional disharmony. Banish any thought or emotion that does not contribute to your dreams of having a peaceful and joyful life!  Thanks to Imelda for her insight on Dove symbolism!
  • The mourning dove is symbolic of peace and freedom. You have gained some form of freedom from a mess that has had you bound for years. The next few days, months, years, or decades of your life could move with ease and grace. Thanks to Quornesha at


  • Symbolic of seeing light in a dark situation and gaining an understanding of the world around you. You are no longer suffering from the victim mentality.
  • A message that you are releasing past obstacles and restrictions in your life and within your beliefs. You are beginning to emerge and awaken to the truth of matters.
  • You are wrapping up past issues and concerns. Whatever these may be. Release the fears associated with others inhibiting your thoughts or past mistakes.
  • Accept the upheavals taking place in your life at this time. As all are occurring for a very special reason. and Purpose. It is time to focus forward and center yourself so that you are guided directly in alignment with your blueprint.
  • You are paying close attention to all things right now, which is indicating that a part of your life or spirit has been awakened in some way. You have received epiphanies. You will begin to accept others, as you will begin to reflect your own mistakes out to others and forgive yourself for their mistakes. All will be well and work out, for your highest good.
  • Distance yourself from anyone who is not receptive to you, and those whom only see your mistakes. As these are personal obstacles for them to overcome and not you.
  • Know that every situation or circumstance of pain or discomfort is your opportunity to see the bigger picture, transmute this energy and move on from it. Continue to move forward.
  • The RED symbolizing power and passion, BLACK representing renewal and release of energies, frequencies or vibrations, YELLOW is a sign of illumination and enlightenment. Bringing projects and ideas to fruition and into the physical realm and world. Know that your dreams will materialize at this time. You may even achieve a dream you have believed has been impossible. Commend yourself, in this way,  big dreams come!
  • For all the excellent information about the RED WING BLACKBIRD, many thanks to the wise  Quornesha S. Lemon Sacred Spirit Shaman™


  • When Robin flies into your life, you are reminded that in order to grow you must clean house before hand. Let go of attachments and emotions that are no longer useful to you. Allow joy and happiness to fill your life.
  • The appearance of the robin is cause for much excitement and happiness because it means that a new season is coming! This can be your opportunity for release and freedom, rebirth and rejuvenation.
    Everything that has been holding you back and causing you much unhappiness can be left behind with this opportunity for a new start. With the appearance of the robin totem in your life, you can finally experience a new beginning and a renewal of sorts.
  • Robin totem allows us to can gain new perspectives which we can apply to certain issues or situations. This can also awaken your need to experience growth, improvement, or expansion. But to do this, you must first allow yourself to be inspired and invigorated by the energies of your life.
  • The robin meaning gives you a peek at the many changes that will happen to you in this new season. These will be experiences that will make you feel happy again, and make you feel grateful to be alive!
  • The robin symbolism ushers in warmth, joy, hope, and happiness back in your life just when you most need it! Robin prepares you to experience many changes and tells you this is a time for growth and renewal across many aspects of your life.
  • The robin meaning is good luck, and it encourages you to release anything that’s no longer working for you. This is the season to plant new seeds and watch them grow into something beautiful, and something that will replace whatever you have lost or given up. Your robin totem is telling you not to be entangled with unnecessary drama. Someone like you is meant to soar and fly!  Your robin spirit animal is also asking you to look around you. Know just how lucky and blessed you are.
  • When the robin spirit animal appears in your dreams, it’s reassuring you that you are not alone, and that whatever problems you are worrying about will be resolved. Do not worry because all will be well.
  • 5 unusual facts about the Robin Animal Totem

1. It signifies a change to spring, a new beginning and new opportunities coming your way, so it is certainly something that you should be rather excited about. In addition, it is effectively telling you to let go of the old and embrace the new as that is the only way in which you can move forward with your life.

2. You need to experience growth in your life, the robin spirit animal is also trying to tell you that there is a very real need for you to experience growth in your life wherever possible. This is something that you have to embrace simply because of the way in which you can bring new energy into your life rather than the stagnant ways in which you have been doing things up until this point.

3. You are going to have more energy and be invigorated, robin symbolism is intending to provide you with more energy and to really feel excited by life and the possibilities that surround you.  Of course, you have to accept that it will not all be easy sailing, but there are so many wonderful opportunities just around the corner for you that it will mean you have a better chance than ever before to experience something amazing and wonderful in your life.

4. It symbolizes joy and hope.  If you have been going through a tough and dark time, then the appearance of the robin spirit animal in your life means you are coming through the other side.  Also, it indicates that you are a survivor as you have battled away and now it will be your time to enjoy life rather than viewing it in a depressed manner.

5. It wants you to embrace the changes.  Finally, there is an understanding that it can be tough to change, but robin symbolism indicates that it wants you to try to embrace it as much as possible.  There is nothing to fear here even though you may have been living with that feeling for some time. If you embrace it, then more will come your way.  Overall, robin symbolism is certainly linked to the idea of real changes in your life and the way you look at things with it all being in the positive.  Exciting times await you, but only if you accept the power of change and see it as being a thing that you want rather than being afraid of.

  • Robin tells us to embrace the light and positivity, and do not be afraid of new beginnings. Instead, celebrate them and welcome them!  It’s very important that you sing your own robin song if you want your life to change. There will always be challenges, problems, and struggles, so always go forward.  Have faith in your abilities and in your strength. Walk in beauty and fly high, and you will find fulfillment on your path.
  • A big thanks to Imelda for all her insight on Robin symbolism!


  • Symbolism reflects the self-worth that each of us should feel for ourselves regardless of external factors. This energy and passion for ourselves is within each of our hearts somewhere, waiting to be awakened. These little songbirds want us to sing our soul’s own song, just as they do.
  • Teaches us to be vigilant, hard-working, and productive. If we want to live happy and bountiful lives, the sparrow animal guide stresses the need for us to keep from being idle. We must work for what we want. By accomplishing things that we can be proud of, we will also continue to boost our self-esteem and sense of worth.
  • Symbolic meaning inspires us to stand up for ourselves, but also stresses the importance of compassion and the emphasis on team work
  • When a sparrow animal spirit  flits into your life, it is imploring us to recognize our own self-worth. Although tiny, this creature can act as a massive source of empowerment for us. Do not underestimate yourself and your abilities. Instead, puff your own chest up full of energy and elegant pride, singing your own tune and marching to the beat of your own drum. It reminds us to respect ourselves and act with dignity, showing us that even something as small as a sparrow can triumph in this great big world.
  •  Reminds us that in order to fly high and freely, enjoying the “wind beneath our wings”, it is important we keep the burdens to ourselves light.


  • If swan has glided into your path, she will help show you find knew ways of thinking, breathing and going with the flow. She asks that you accept your ability to know what lies ahead. Be sure to pay attention to your feminine intuition, hunches and gut instincts. Remember your inner grace and inner beauty. Let it shine forth for those around you to see.


  • Vulture is asking you to be patient with yourself and think things through. Take your time before making decisions and choose paths that support your higher consciousness and your heart. Use all of your resources combined with your past experience to approach the problem from a different angle. Know that you are always free to choose your own path but be flexible while moving forward. Allow yourself to use all of your senses to navigate through this situation for your highest benefit. Call on all your resources to get the job done.
  • Turkey Vulture is a PURIFIER because as it goes about it's lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it's own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. The Vulture is a promise that all hardship was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose.  Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life.
  • The Egyptian Goddess Maat is usually depicted with the wings of a Vulture.  Maat is the personification of the order of the world.  She and her totem represented the norm of things, the way the universe worked, the conduct of its creatures.  They represented morality, justice, social and cosmic order -- the balance and harmony of the universe.
  • When the vulture spirit animal flies its way into your life, you will be experiencing a new beginning of sorts. This is because vulture symbolism is associated with purification and rebirth.
  • The vulture is full of positive energies that allow it to fly high in the sky in search of food and a resting place. It makes use of the earth’s energies, and deftly navigates the air currents to accomplish its tasks — a true testament that you must weigh everything that you see and be 100% sure before doing anything.
  • If you wish to know the meaning of the vulture in your life, you should know that it appears when you are expending too much personal energy. You have all these resources in your life at your disposal, but you still feel exhausted and ill-equipped. The vulture totem encourages you to master your energies and accept the support that comes from your environment. Use the tools that you have with you to accomplish your goals, and be open to receive the help that your loved ones can offer. The vulture spirit animal possesses no real voice, which means that your actions speak louder than your words. Stay true to your promises, honor your word, and just do things!
  • Vulture symbolism also speaks about purification and the restoration of harmony in your life. It symbolizes the time to right your wrongs and break free from the shackles of your own ego.
  • Having the vulture totem in your life can be inspiring and eye-opening. It can bring forth a lot of great new opportunities. These opportunities mean more luck and abundance for you. Use them to accomplish your goals. Work with your vulture spirit animal. Soon you will see the colors of the things around you and the aura of the people you are surrounded with. Teach yourself to receive the true vulture meaning in your life. The vulture can soar above its limitations, and so can you! You only need to use your energy the right way. Learn to let go of anchors that weigh you down, and move on from people, things, and places that are no longer working or making you happy!
  • As a messenger of change, the meaning of the vulture urges you to take control of your life and to be strong amidst the challenges. Even if things scary the future is bleak, choose to take the brighter and more positive direction.
  • Your vulture totem asks you to be patient with yourself and allow things to unfold as they should. Give yourself time to think things through before you make a life-changing decision. Make use of all your resources and remember the lessons of your past. You are always free to choose your own path, but always go with the one that will give you the best, happiest, and most rewarding life.